Of course a set of identical twins and a girl would grab your attention, but are they lyrical enough to keep it. If you find yourself asking that question just listen to one track and you'll get your answer. Newsense (formerly known as Sir gang), formed back in 2008. They recently changed their name due to many people not understanding the name Sir gang. In actuality, the name S.I.R. was an acronym that stood for Sick Individuals Rhyming, however they felt Newsense was more marketable. Brothers Hassan and Jabriel were a duo which was later given the name Fraturnal. Hassan going by the alias International iLL aka Paris and Jabriel going by Rappa aka Europe. Saki went by many monikers, the main one being Scavenga, but chose to go with something close to her actual name Sakiyna. All members are from New Jersey; Plainfield is iLL and Rappa's hometown and Saki's being Newark. Some would say they were destined to meet, considering iLL and Rappa were military based till their late teenage years and Saki living in Jersey. They met on Myspace in June 2006 and later that month they shared their first big performance at S.o.b.'S in New York City.

Remaining close friends, they continued to record. "Pain" is the first song they recorded, it's also seen as one of their best songs. After collaborating on several other tracks they decided to form the group. They're all versatile; nonetheless, each member has their individual style. In the beginning of 2010 they filmed their first video, "Imma Warrior", with Director Ed Jansen of Luckycatfilms. Despite reluctance of doing such a song, they decided to record and release "Imma Warrior" to appeal to record labels. The song received a fair reception; however they felt like conformist. With that being said they made sure every song from then on would be something that represented them. Their second video by Ed Jansen, "Thicker than water", is proven to be a step up from "Imma Warrior". While showing gratitude to other Jersey artists, they vow to stake their own claim and represent for New Jersey. "We make better music" is their slogan, so sit back and watch history be made.